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About Me

   Hey there!!! I'm Hannah and that's my man, Josh!              
I'm a twenty-something stay at home wife, and mama. I'm a sometimes blogger, violinist, wanna-be photographer, sister, encourager, lover of little things, and dreamer.

I'm sometimes blonde, very outspoken, sorta sarcastic, and pretty much always crazy or random.                                                                    
Josh works in food production and his passions are music and ministering to people. He is an accomplished pianist, and enjoys playing and arranging music. God has called my man to be a music evangelist, and we are so excited to see what God has in store for us!

Abbie Grace

Precious little Abigail Gracelyn Ann arrived NINE days after her due date, teaching this mama a good lesson on patience and trusting in GOD'S plan! Over here you can read about how we chose her name, and find out more about my pregnancy HERE

Our sweet girl is definitely spoiled, being the first grandchild on my side, and third granddaughter on Josh's. She loves to eat- crackers and fruit snacks are her favorites, music- especially when its playing the piano with her daddy, her rabby, being outside and watching movies. She is a daring little person, has a little personality to match her hair, and is a VERY good sleeper.

Benjamin Jerry

Our second little blessing is due August 1st, and we will see if he follows in his sister's footsteps of being LATE!! (: 

Family is so very important to me-

they are my best friends, and biggest supporters. They love me unconditionally, even though sometimes I'm hard to love. They are my sandpaper, and my encouragers. They lift me up when I'm down, and knock me down when I'm up a little too high!

My daddy is a teacher, and my mama's a warrior. My Sissy is as crazy as it gets, and Sam, well- he's the most adorable and THE smartest 3 year old EVER.

I married my best friend on January 24th, 2014- 

on one of THE snowiest days of the year- after being engaged for just under 6 months.

It was THE happiest day of our lives!

The ceremony turned out more beautifully than we ever could have imagined, and it was a huge blessing to be surrounded by our family and friends- all those who mean the most to us.

My man is amazingly supportive and loving, and I am so thankful that God brought us together! <3

my passion is encouraging people.
I am currently in the process of launching an online girls ministry with a super awesome team which consists of my mama, sister, and cousin!!! I am so excited to see how God uses this ministry and where HE takes us! 

I'm a follower of Jesus.
Each day I strive to love and serve Him more. Everything I do has a purpose. I believe that God's plan for me is not God's plan for you. Nor is what God leads me to do what He will lead you to do. I'm learning what forgiveness means. and how bitterness can really wreck a whole lot more than you see. Friends let us down, but Jesus is always there.

Serving God sometimes means that we have to make sacrifices. maybe material sacrifices. maybe monetary. maybe the sacrifice is simply giving up our own dreams. maybe it means moving far away. maybe it means there's twists and turns. maybe it means plowing through the obstacles that the devil places in our way.

Living the Christian life is never easy. God never promised it would be easy, just totally worth it. We are going to face trials if we are really on track. and if you aren't facing trials? well, maybe you need to take a good look at your life.