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hello weekend. + links

Soooo.... weekends around here start on Friday thanks to hubby's random + crazy work schedule. I'm really excited about this weekend though because it's supposed to be SUPER nice, and we have some fun thing planned!!

Is Kindness Part of Your Family's Testimony?

This is an excellent thought provoking question!! Good read!

7 Ways To Start Your Week Off With Confidence

Or weekend. Lol. Some really good reminders here!

On Having a Television Detox & Minimizing Our Toy Collection...

I had been planning on doing both of these for a while, and I stopped putting it off after reading this. Major purging in general (not just toys) has been going down over here the last couple weeks, and I'm working on a rotating toy "system" (meaning I just need to get something to store the toys in the closet).

Also. Tv (Netflix, YouTube, etc.) AND social media detox is happening this weekend!!

A Game of Evening Chase

Last but not least... Maggie's blog is my favorite!! Her posts are always so simple and encouraging!!

What are your plans for this weekend?

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