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2017 || progress. not perfection.

After a pretty lame and very hard 2016 I knew I really needed to buckle down and get some things accomplished. But I'm a dreamer gal, and most of the time instead of setting myself up for success, I fail before I even start. Why?

Because in some ways I'm a perfectionist and I want to make the leap from A to Z now. without doing much of the work.

I'm always game for fresh starts- Mondays, 1sts, new years, etc. So for the last couple months of 2016 I was brainstorming, taking notes, and trying things out to see how I could make the most of my favorite fresh start- a new year. I figured out some things, but others I didn't get anywhere. I was still wanting perfection without progress...

So to start off 2017 I made very few goals. I picked my word for the year and focused on my goals for just JANUARY instead of making year long goals. And for once it worked.

Sometimes (okay, most of the time) I get so wrapped up in my big lofty goals that I don't focus on the little steps.

For example. I want to lose --lbs by the end of the year but I get discouraged when it takes weeks to knock out a couple, instead of starting with the goal of making exercise a habit before focusing on weight...

So this first month of 2017 has been focused on making lifestyle changes and habits. It hasn't gone the way I wanted. I didn't make as much progress as I should have. but God gives grace, and I'll try again this month!!

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