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Goals 4/24


+drink plenty of water.
my sister and I are working on keeping each other accountable on drinking plenty of water for 30 days. So far I've missed one day, and she's been super good about it. I'm so thankful for my handy water bottle that helps me keep track!!

+NO internet after 9 PM.
This is a hard one for me, but something thats super important. I definitely on't have a lot of self-control in this area, but I'm finding that if I get on later at night I'm on for a long time, which means I get to bed later than planned, which means that my mornings don't go super well, and then my whole day is off because I'm tired, and... you get the point. 

+do my daily chores.
I will post more on this at a later time, but basically instead of cleaning my whole house in one day, or getting overwhelmed, I'm implementing a daily chore so that everything gets cleaned weekly.

+implement Morning + Evening routines.
I've been slowly working thru the Finding Joy in Your Home, Make Over Your Mornings and Make Over Your Evenings eCourse's, and I am really excited to start implementing what I'm learning. I already "know" a lot of what they are teaching and talking about, but DOING it is somewhat of a challenge for me, so I'm really liking the "bite size" assignments that I can put into practice and just think about a couple things at once!!

read, make something, nap, write, paint my nails, relax, etc.

+keep up with laundry

+take a picture

::not so ordinary

+clean out closet/sort clothes
This has been an ongoing project for me for a while, and will probably continue to be so since I'm in the between stages of pregnancy. My end goal is to have a simple "capsule wardrobe", although I'm not going to be super super strict about the exact number of pieces. I just need less + simpler, and less of stuff that just hangs there and more of what I wear regularly!!

+plan patio garden
Since we are nearing the end of April{yikes!!??}, I should probably get moving on this if its going to happen. Spring has been weird here up North, but I think its finally safe to get plants outside. I need to wisely plan our limited patio space + the money I'm going to spend.

+finish reading Purpose in Prayer
Ohhhhhkaaaaay. THIS BOOK. Yeah, that's another whole post for another day hopefully, but read it if you can get your hands on it!!!! 

+work on revamping blog content
While searching for a back post tonight, I realized just how much work this blog needs. Oh man, I'm embarrassed about some of my first posts- not to mention my about page needs some major updates!!

+finish 3 blog post's
This counts as 1, and I've already got ideas and some content down for the other two!!!

+mail a package to a friend

+do some fun crafts
like maybe work on Abigail's collage wall, or some happy mail, or something!!

+make baby wipes

+tackle business to-do list

And listen to this song. Its been a huge blessing to me today!!

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