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hey you blog.

Hi all!! I am very excited about a few things coming up! The Lord has really been working on me, and I am happy to finally be sharing them!! So, welcome to my “relaunch”. Make sure you stick around for a few days! I’ve got a couple giveaways planned, and new content to post soon!

--- I’m going to be changing things around here up a bit. I’ll be sharing more on this later, but I’ve finally come to the realization that for a long time I was trying to do what everyone else did. I blogged because it seemed like that was the cool thing to do and I blogged a certain way because that’s how everyone else did it.

Well, that’s going to change. I'm going to be bucking some rules here, but I've decided I'm just going to be me!! (: That means a lot of things like I’ll be using smiley faces. (:

+A big trend right now seems to be blogging for profit, and I'm just gonna let ya all know right now, that at this moment I'm not blogging for money. I'm blogging because I love it. Lordwilling I will be featuring some products and blogs and websites, but that’s just because I like them. Unless something big changes I don’t plan on making money from blogging because that changes everything. If you want to blog for money, that’s fine, this isn’t a post saying its wrong- I just don’t feel like I can read those blogs the same way.

+My blog is going to be personal. Okay, so I'm going to use discretion. You probably won’t see many pictures of my baby’s faces, but this is a lifestyle blog, and it’s going to get real. It’s not going to be professionally and perfectly written. I'm going to be sharing real, raw life. Ups and downs, struggles and victories. Sorry if you don’t like that, but this is my journal. This is me sharing my perfectly imperfect life, and it’s not going to be perfect! 

+I’ll go into more detail about what Ill be writing on later, but one of the main focuses of my blogging is to encourage ladies who are in the same stage of life as I am right now. That means mamas who are at home with their babies. Now, Ill be covering lots of other things too… babies, crafts + and DIY’s, going more natural, learning some photography, Spirituality, and a little bit on marriage, among other things.

And with all that, I will leave you all in suspense while I get things rolling for the next few weeks! ^_^ Be sure to follow my blog and check back often so you get the updates{HINT: GIVEAWAY}!!


  1. Hello Hannah! So glad to see a blog post from you again! I miss your blog.:) Your Abbie has grown so much!

    1. Hey!!! I've missed blogging too, and I almost decided to quit{post coming soon}, but hopefully I'm back for a while now!! =D