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Lately I've noticed that there is a word I use quite often in my thought processes.

I'm fat, compared to her.
My bump is bigger, compared to her.
I look frumpy, compared to her.
My house is a mess, compared to hers. 
Our dinner was basic, compared to theirs. 
My closet is bare, compared to hers.
My hair is so messy, compared to hers. 
I play the violin horribly compared to her.
Our apartment is so plain, compared to theirs.

Do you see what it is?


For a long time I would get on instagram or facebook, and start scrolling only to have a similar response to the majority of the pictures.

But there are TWO {probably more} huge problems with this thought process of mine.

#1. I am not them. Seriously. No matter how hard I try, I cannot become someone else! I am myself, I am the way God made me. I am perfectly imperfect. I have my flaws and faults, but the Lord is working on me!!

Right now I'm 22 weeks pregnant, and I have a 14 month old pulling constantly at my skirts. I have a hubby who works nights and sleeps during the day. Nights can be pretty rough which means days are long and exhausting. You can tell. Its an accomplishment the days I have energy to shower, and lets not talk about energy to walk down TWO flights of stairs to do the laundry.

#2. I was COMPARING my worst to their {most of the time} staged. I mean, really. Who posts pictures of their worst online? I was comparing my mountain of dirty clothes to the picture of a basket of nicely folded laundry. She didn't share the fourteen other loads still piled around her washer. I only see a little itsy bitsy square of her whole picture.

When I stop comparing myself to others, and simply try to do my best, things go a lot better. I have more energy. I get things accomplished. I am happy. I can be joyful. God can work on me some more.


  1. So true! I have known so many people that post only the "good" in life. From reading their blogs and social media people that don't know them leave with the feeling that they are "perfect" I happen to know though that those families aren't that organized, their families are no as close and happy as it appears, reading what they write though you'd never guess that really they are not that organized and that their families are falling apart.
    I often need to remember that. Also, that where we might not be talented in the way that this or that person is we have talents that they don't have. :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I am right with you! I have a 14 month old and I am 31 weeks pregnant. Coming towards the end of pregnancy I just feel huge and tired all the time. But I have to remind myself that I'm carrying a beautiful little life in me...and that this is only for a season.
    God bless- Hannah