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Inspired No. 8

{this photo is mine!}

+I've been feeling a bit overwhelmed and sucked in by social media lately, and my mind kept going back to this article, by the lovely Maggie,that I read about a year ago! {read the article here>http://www.maggiewhitley.com/2014/02/why-i-deleted-you-from-my-iphone/} I didn't have internet on a phone at the time so it wasn't such a big deal for me, but now that I have an IPhone deleting apps is something I find myself doing regularly! In fact, I did it again just this evening! I'm looking forward to a while of less screen time!!
Also- Maggie recently shared a follow up post! {you can find it here>http://www.maggiewhitley.com/2015/10/life-social-media-an-update/}


+I'm loving these Heart Lists! Very inspiring!

+ I am so excited to finally be able to work on Abigail's room! My goal has always been have the nursery functional for both a boy and a girl so that I'm not switching things around if the Lord blesses with a boy later, and also keep it simple enough for future moves! I've tossed around lots of ideas, but keep coming back to bright + colorful and functional! I've decided to go with my original plan- vintage woodland forest. Let's just say I've got a ton of cool ideas, and I need to get moving on it! {find my inspiration here>https://www.pinterest.com/nannahbeth/abbies-room/}

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