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the ideal day || blogtember challenge No. 2

Here's DAY 2 of the lovely Bailey Jean's Blogtember Challenge!! I know it's late, but better late than never, right!?
I was a little skeptical about today's prompt, at first, since there are so many different things that an ideal day could consist of for me! So I'm totally gonna dream here and share what a FUN summer day would look like for me!!!

+I love the days where I wake up beside my hubby so he would have to have had the night off.
Like Bailey mentioned- I'd rather not wake up to an alarm, although we sleep til noon if we don't set one.
So we would set one for 7 or 8, and do our devotions(separately and together) in bed.

+For breakfast Hubby would make his yummy omelets-with cheese, green pepper, a little onion and some garlic salt. He'd serve it up with a couple slices of super crispy bacon and an orange smoothie! 😊

+After breakfast we would start scrambling a little bit to make sure the diaper bag is packed with extras for a day away and putting together our picnic lunch. On the way out the door we would grab our already packed adventure bag- filled with snacks, water, sunscreen, towels and swim clothes. We would load up the stroller and our baby and take off!!

+Since it would be a Wednesday in the summer, we would stop by our little farmers market and pick up some fruit + veggies to go with our lunch.

+We would drive for about 2 hours before arriving in Traverse City. Before heading downtown to do a little window shopping, we would find a spot by the beach to eat an early lunch of the picnic we packed! I would have a turkey + Michigan Jack cheese sandwich on homemade bread with mayonnaise, extra extra fresh tomato and a little lettuce. I would top it off with a peach, as well as some green pepper and cucumbers with dip from my hubby's work!!

+After we finish eating we would play in the water a little bit, but before long we would head back towards downtown!

+we would walk from one end to the other and back again, stopping in various little shops and exploring all the neat things to be found! On the way back we would stop at the ice cream shop, and I would order honey lavender ice cream in a waffle bowl!

+our last stop before heading to dinner would be the book store. Abigail would be asleep in her stroller, so her daddy would park her beside him after finding a book to read. I on the other hand would head off to explore this grand store, beginning with all of the bargain books in the basement!!

+after a couple hours we would take our leave and head over to Scalawags to order their delicious fresh whitefish for dinner!!

+before heading home, we would take a little detour to go to the beach at Interlochen. We would play in the water until the sun began to set and then quietly  watch it go down from our beach quilt!

+it would be a very late, sleepy and contented drive home!

1 comment:

  1. Sounds like a beautiful day! You've got me wanting to try honey lavender ice cream now! Glad to find your blog & meet you through the link-up.