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thats me || blogtember challenge No. 1

^That’s me, Hannah and my hubby Josh!

Hey there! I'm SO excited for Bailey Jean's Blogtember Challenge!!!! I'm not quite sure if I'll manage to complete all of the prompts but my main goal is just to get to blogging more!!

The first prompt was: Tell us about yourself! ^_^ here goes!! (:

I’m Hannah, the busy wife to Josh + mama to Abbie Grace. sinner saved by grace, living for Jesus even in the small moments. outspoken dreamer gal with lots of big ideas and way too many goals. violinist. obsessed list maker +  possessor of way too many notebooks. QUESTIONER with a little bit of OBLIGER mixed in. indoor person + night owl. planner with the bad habit of procrastination. routine person. motivated by competition, facts, and accountability. NOT A PHOTOGRAPHER.

I’m a lover of the little details of life, maple sugar candy, silence, beautiful light, the Berkshires, powerful music + words, creativity, vanilla bean frappe’s, peach iced tea, turquoise, Dr. Pepper, white chocolate. I’m also an obsessive collector of notebooks, notecards, sticky notes, pens + markers, glass dishes, concert tickets + pamphlets, measuring cups,

I’m soon to be embarking on a year-long journey to become a better me which includes capsulizing my wardrobe, going chemical free, being more frugal and finding better deals, being more conscious about where things come from, getting in shape, and making our new little home a haven.

In my “fringe hours” I love creating, taking pictures, listening to podcasts, reading inspiring books, blogging, decorating our home, researching, and spending time with my hubby.

Thanks for stopping by!!


  1. So looking forward to following your journey on the blogtember challenge- and in your year long journey too! XO

  2. What a fun post, Hannah! I loved reading about you.:)

  3. Your 'becoming a better me' idea so appeals to me, too....I find myself streamlining everything recently and longing to live more frugally.

  4. Hi Hannah! So excited to get to know you thru #blogtemberchallenge. :)