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life lately + a challenge for myself

so the Blogtember challenge kind of failed over here... ^_^ life has been crazier than the usual, and I guess I was kind of asking for failure by taking on one more thing. =\

-I can't hook my computer to my phone to use the internet, and a tiny IPhone screen doesn't always cut it. Although that's what I'm reverting to now.

-we are MOVING to a sweet little town about 45 minutes away! For those who never heard, New York fell through, but another door opened and the Lord has blessed SO much!!

-Abbie Grace is 7+ months old now!!! Ah. Where did the time go? I'm slowing things down to enjoy her and take in all these precious little moments.

so I did a ONE WEEK "typography" challenge for myself and finished it about a week ago. I didn't do perfectly, but I made PROGRESS.

I'm going to do another one, but this time it's simply going to be 7 days of gratitude. That way it's easy for me with the move-> I'm trying to set myself up for SUCCESS with the goals I make. 

My main goal with setting these little challenges is to ACCOMPLISH SOMETHING. Since high school I've been rather apathetic, but the Lord has been working on me, and I need to take some baby steps.

see also: PROGRESS is what I'm aiming for here, not necessarily PERFECTION. Let's just be honest and say that PROGRESS IS MY PERFECTION right now!! I can only do what I can do at the moment!!

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