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= Hello January =

whew.  here we are already halfway through the month almost, and I haven’t posted once. Its been very very hard to get to now that we don’t have internet anymore. But as you see below, that’s a goal I’m working on! I have been nesting like crazy, and I feel like I have accomplished so much already this month! My apartment is CLEAN, the closets are mostly organized, the hospital bag is packed, dishes are done, laundry is being worked on. I have weeded out so much stuff, and either given it away or packed it up to store at my parents!

I’m going to try this new format for these posts for 2015! I hope you will join me in setting goals each month! Write your own post(and comment with the link) or share your goals in the comments!!

::my devotions::
-1 & 2 Thessalonians //

::my words::
|joy + simplify|

::my verses::

…the joy of the Lord is your strength. Nehemiah 8:10

Better is a little with the fear of the LORD than great treasure and trouble therewith. Proverbs 15:16 //


*figure out a blogging schedule that will work now that we don’t have internet. So this will probably be pretty challenging, but I am seriously going to try. I’ve written out a plan that will help, I hope!

*start through Created to Be His Helpmeet again. My mom and I have decided to go through the book together!! I’m hoping we can get through at least a chapter each week.

*pick a photography tip to work on. I really want to improve my photography… So I will be picking one aspect/tip to work on each month. I haven’t picked one yet for January, but I’m thinking about experimenting more with light {since the lighting in our apartment is horrible}, or getting creative with boring surroundings… Both of which will come in very handy after Abigail is born.

*organize my photography stuff. Right now I have a bag here, a box of stuff there, and another bag somewhere, and another lense whoknowswhere.  I’d like to get it all organized in just one place, or at least where I know it all is.

*sort through a box of papers. {DONE} So for the last 6+ months we’ve been accumulating boxes of papers- you know, bills, bank statements, pay stubs, deposited checks, other mail, etc. and I would really like to get it all gone through and either thrown out or filed!!

*print wedding pictures. Hilariously I have all the frames hung on the walls- absolutely empty. Josh and I decided we can get them printed for our anniversary “gift” to ourselves! =P

*stay on top of things. I think I am –finally- getting into a routine of getting things done. Like, you know… laundry, dishes, bathroom, etc. I’ve been more conscience of trying to make sure I do something before I go to bed every night, and that’s worked really well. Oh, and putting it away now, instead of moving it someplace else, and then leaving it on the couch and piling stuff on top of it, and taking care of it in a week… ^_^

*plan out a “creative challenge” for myself for the month of February. My goal is to do something creative every day for the entire month. Some days it may be simply writing a letter or making a fancy dinner- others it will be a sewing project, or embroidery or something along those lines…
*add 30+ to my 1000 gifts list. I am super excited to start tackling my goal of completing a 1000 gifts list in 2015! I received a beautiful new notebook + some colorful pens for my birthday just for that!!! =D

*start planning my capsule wardrobe. I’ve been researching this idea for a few months now, and I think I’m finally ready to start tackling it as I pull my regular clothes out again! J I’ll be sharing more on this later, but I have 2 main reasons for doing this- 1) I don’t have a lot of extra space for a lot of extra clothes, and 2) It will make our move a whole lot easier if I only take what I really need and do without all the extra’s!

*play music. My goal is to practice the piano 5 days a week, the violin 2, and guitar 3… kind of excited to start working on some fun new musica! =D

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