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hello baby || 28 weeks

weight gain: gaining slowly, but surely. Trying desperately to stay under my goal, but I have this nagging feeling that its not working.

morning sickness/tiredness: I've been feeling much more energetic, and been getting lots more done. I still need lots of extra sleep, but I feel much more rested.

cravings: pickle's. and cheese. and apple cider. and other than that I really rarely feel like eating. =/

movement: We finally figured out how to get some major movements despite the placenta placement. #1. Eat lotsa coffee cookies. Like the equivalent to 3 or 4 cups worth of coffee. #2. "trap" her from both sides. Okay, so "trap" sounds a little too aggressive, but putting pressure on both sides really gets her going! ^_^

other stuff: I had 2 baby showers this week with my last scheduled for Friday. I feel pretty well equipped, although I will have to get a few smaller things. I've also been doing tons of reading, so I feel as prepared as I possibly could be without having birthed a baby before. I'm so thankful my mama's going to be there with us- I know she's going to be a huge support! 

I found out totally unexpectedly that I am Rh- which means that I have to get a shot this week on top of all the normal bloodwork they do at this point. fasting blood work no less. I'm really praying and hoping I can stay conscience this time. haha. No expectations there though. {I have a track record of passing out from both bloodwork and shots.}


  1. Em, okay - ADORABLE PICTURE ALERT! ^_^
    I hope your blood work isn't too stressful. . .not eating & shots just - ew. Noooooo. . .

    P.S. I'm with you on the apple cider. Pickles? Eh, not too much. =)

    1. thankfully the bloodwork went well. the shot however... um... yeah, 4 inch needle. I jumped. it HURT!!!!

  2. Love the picture! You make a cute pregnant momma ;) praying for health for you :)