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Abigail Gracelyn Ann || how we named our baby girl

We get a lot of reactions when people hear the name we picked for our baby girl. Some of course think its pretty. Some joke about how long it is{yep, no quarrel there}, and others ask if there is a story behind it.

Choosing a name for our little one was a somewhat daunting task for Josh and I. Names are important to us, and it was even more important that each name have significance rather than just be a cute name.

Long ago we decided that we wanted first names to be from the Bible, or Bible based, although we do have a couple farther down on the list that aren't either. After a lot of discussion we also decided we wanted to go with 2 middle names- the first being after a relative, and the second after a hero of faith.

So here's the rest of the story...

Abigail: father's joy 

ABIGAIL has always been one of my favorite Bible characters and a favorite name of both Josh and I, but it became even more meaningful to me when I found out it was one of Josh's dad's favorite names. And since he isn't here to meet his precious granddaughter, we wanted him to be a part of her that she will always remember. We know he would have been so happy and overjoyed to welcome her into the family!

We pray that she will bring joy not only to her daddy and her grandpa up in heaven, but also that she would accept Jesus as her Savior and live to bring her heavenly Father joy with her whole life.

Gracelyn: graceful waterfall

GRACELYN is after my mama{Lynn}. I first heard it about a year ago, and fell in love with it. We are praying that she will learn to be graceful in all that she does so that she will reflect people to Christ!

Ann: gracious

ANN is actually after two people- Ann Judson and Josh's mom. Ann{+Adoniram} Judson is one of my favorite life stories. She had to have a lot of faith to survive the mission field, but she did the best she could in some of the most horrible of situations. We pray that little Abigail will do the same if she is ever in a place of difficulty!

So there's the "story" of how we decided to name our baby girl! <3

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  1. I love the story behind how you chose Abigail's name. I love the name! It is so beautiful.