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weight gain: STILL at the 15{ish}lb mark. I think I've gained a pound or two since my last update, which I'm thankful for!

morning sickness/tiredness: the past couple weeks have been pretty tiring for me. We've been just going constantly. My mom is finishing up every day radiation tomorrow, and I think I will be able to be a little more rested after that. 

cravings: PIZZA. all I've been wanting lately is pizza. And then pickles and cantaloupe and orange juice. taco's are usually good too, if I don't have anything else on hand. Oh, and ice cream sandwiches! 

movement: Still not been able to feel much on the outside, although Josh was able to feel some kicks yesterday. Late last night I could feel several pretty good kicks on the outside too -that was a first because its usually only a couple very light kicks.

other stuff: I'm starting to get a cold, and I'm praying it doesn't get too bad. I've been having a lot more trouble with my eyes lately- everything is blurry, even with my glasses on... which is kind of weird{but I've heard its normal}. I feel like I need more room in my belly because everything is getting squished... and at the same time I feel like I really popped out the past couple weeks...

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