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H E L L O || O C T O B E R

So part of my new blog plan is to start each month with a fun post of goals, projects, things to look for this month, etc! Kind of a way to keep myself accountable, and set some pretty hefty goals for myself!

-consistently accomplish my list of daily's
do my devotions, dishes, laundry, pick up, get ready at a good time, get enough sleep,

-post at least 3 times a week

-deep clean our apartment
finish sorting/organizing everything, vacuum everywhere, dust everything, clean out my cupboards,

-stay on our budget

-go to ArtPrize

-create something every single day. {whether it be just working on a project I've already started, or doodling, making a list, baking, doing a simple craft, decorating etc.}

-decorate for fall

and now what to look for this month
Not only do I have an entire Pinterest board of ideas, but I just compiled a list of over a hundred posts I could write, someday...

and I must say I'm slightly proud of myself. I not only have all those ideas, but I've completed a list of posts for October, and I have a good idea of where to start each of them, not to mention half of them are already half done, and some already finished!!! Yay!

So most of the posts you're going to see are fall related because... well, because I'm just kind of behind on all that... So among other things, you're gonna see...

>my October playlist +link up
>what this season is teaching me
>fall bucket list +link up
>baby updates
>a day in my life +link up
>how I'm decorating for fall
>my fall reading list +link up
>link round ups
>a little of what I'm wearing +link up
>fun giveaways

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  1. I am really looking forward to all of these coming post.:) I really enjoy your blog a lot.:)Hope you have a wonderful day.