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ten things I love about me || ten

Krista || Central Senior, lovehannahB Photography

1. I'm a Christian. I love Jesus, and my ultimate goal is serving HIM with my life. and right now that means learning how to be a help meet to my wonderful husband, and encouraging him to follow God's will, no matter the cost. It also means preparing myself to be the best mama I can to our precious little girl! <3

2. I love people. things mean nothing to me, but people really do. And thats what makes letting go and moving on so hard sometimes. when I love people, I really love them, and usually manage to leave a part of me behind. 

3. things don't mean that much to me. sure, sometimes I hoard things... special things. things that have special meaning. but I would honestly give anything to live a super simple life in a super tiny house out in the middle of nowhere!

4. I'm learning to speak up. for a long time I just kept my mouth shut about everything, and tried to cram myself in the cute little box that was made up for me. but then God really smote my heart, and I realized that God gave me my outspoken personality to use with reason. sooooo here I come.

5. I am myself. there is only one of me. and I'm the girl who loves glitter nail polish, blond highlights, being slightly rambunctious, Reese's, taking pictures, wearing cute clothes, and listening to upbeat music. 

6. I'm a mama. Its always been my dream to get married and have a baby. Growing up, my sister and I would play dolls all. the. time. if you asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up, I would say a mama and a teacher.

7. my hair. a little bit curly and a whole lot of blond, but I'm totally in love with it. especially now that its more than halfway down my back!!!

8. I can rollerblade. since I didn't have a whole lot of opportunity to use my sporty side, this one is rather big for me... I can't run. I do bike, but I definitely don't like it as much.

9. My desire to share love.

10. I can revel in the little tiny seemingly unimportant moments.

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  1. I think it's a very good trait to not have too much love for things. we just moved into a 700 sq. foot apartment--we downsized dramatically to get here, but I am loving the simpler lifestyle!

    1. Oh yes, thats about the size we have lived in since our wedding, and its been so hard since we have enough for a house... But I'm learning to let go! Especially of the things I won't be taking when we move out of state next spring!