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Hello Baby || 23 weeks

weight gain: I'm at the 15{ish}lb mark, but I've been stuck here for the past 5 weeks... In one way its a relief, since I gained pretty fast to start, but its also got me slightly worried. My midwife didn't say anything though, and I'm measuring right on{to the day}, so I guess I'm good.

morning sickness: Ironically I think my body is slightly different than most... I've actually had more nauseousness in the 2nd trimester than I did in the first. But thankfully its usually around when I head to bed, and hasn't interfered with anything!

cravings: Still haven't had much of an appetite, but when I do, I love all things spicy. Like my hubby's homemade salsa made into queso. I've also been going for spam sandwhiches{although it sounds absolutely disgusting at the moment} and donuts! caramel apples{which we've been getting in abundance thanks to my sister working at a apple orchard} are really good too!

movement: After a few weeks of feeling practically nothing{which had me quite worried to be honest}, Little Abigail is back to kicking pretty good multiple times a day. My midwife told me that I would probably feel even more, but the placenta is currently cushioning a lot of movement. Josh and my sister were both able to feel some tiny kicks this week! =)

other stuff: I'm thinking about setting up a chiropractor appointment soon... My back is bothering me a bit, and I can't seem to get it to crack anymore... :( 

quite often I have a strong urge to just walk. thankfully we've been able to fit it in a few times. 

my feet have been swelling a little bit, but I've also been on my feet quite a lot lately.


  1. spam sandwiches? ;)
    I love reading all your hello baby updates! It's so sweet!!

    1. lol, yeah, I know, right!? and for the last two days it was anything spicy... ^_^