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a huge leap to a giant adventure|| when, where & why

so the news is officially out around here, so I can finally share how the Lord has been working in our lives!!! :)
we're moving to New York!!!

You'll probably remember the "quick trip" we took a few weeks ago to "visit friends"... Well, it was more than just a trip to visit friends... ;-P and honestly- the visiting part wasn't even the main reason, although we sorely needed it!

Our trip was actually kind of our first "survey" trip... God has called Josh into the ministry, and that of course means that he has to finish his schooling... We have looked into several different options, but this is the door that the Lord has opened.

Josh will, Lordwilling, be attending Old Path's Upstate Bible Institute for 3 years to finish his degree and become ordained!!! Our goal is to be moved to New York by the end of May, but depending on how things work out it may be as early as April. If all goes well, he will be starting with the Fall 2015 semester, so this plan gives us some time to get settled and established before jumping into a totally new routine.

Needless to say, the last couple months have been totally crazy. baby plans + movingoutofstate plans = totally awesomely complicated crazy. But God's plan is rarely a bed of rose petals like most Christians make it out to be, and we almost always have to sacrifice to reach the goal.

obviously there are a lot of mixed feelings going on. moving away from family is going to be torturously hard. especially going from seeing them almost every day to once every couple months... thankfully one of my closest friends will be nearby, and weekend trips home won't be too hard to fit in. 

God's grace is sufficient.


  1. Lovely waterfall photo! All the best in your move. Wishing you God's blessings in your new location!

    1. thanks! credit actually goes to my hubby- I wasn't feeling up to lugging the camera around on this trip! =P Thank you!

  2. So exciting that you are moving to New York! Maybe one day I can actually meet you in person. That would be so fun. I always think that we would be good friends. We like so many of the same things.

    1. Yes, but also slightly overwhelming! Where are you from? Yes, I would love to meet you someday!!!

  3. Wow Hannah!
    I'm sure this is exciting and nerve wracking all at the same time!
    I'll be praying for y'all during this time, I know it has a lot of changes. It's encouraging to see what God's doing in your life!
    Michigan will miss you :)

    1. Oh yes! At first it was grand, but now its beginning to sink in that we are actually moving. far, far away. away from family and friends... ugh, can't think about that too much. lol. But sometimes we have to sacrifice to be in God's will, and I'd rather a little "discomfort" in it, than whatever lies out of it!! We will miss Michigan too, but Lordwilling we will be back once Josh finishes! XX