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Hello New York || our quick trip

This weekend Gabby, Josh and I were able to make a quick visit to see some friends in New York and Canada. It was a last minute trip, and honestly until late Thursday night, it didn't even look like things would pan out... But God worked some miracles, and we found ourselves on the road Friday evening.

We had talked about leaving early{ish} Saturday morning and driving all the way through, but that would put us at the Canadian border at a bad time. Thankfully we were able to stay at Aunt Becky's which is 2 hours closer. We got to the border at 8:20, and had no problems{and no wait} getting through.
We drove through to Niagara Falls with a couple hour construction delay. Niagara was absolutely crazy filled with people, but we were able to stop for a couple hours. We did a TON of walking and were able to get close to both sets of falls... 

It was very warm, but thankfully we were able to drink lots of water, and stay decently cool!

The wait to get back into the states was a little longer, but only added about 30 minutes to our trip. Thankfully they kept people moving pretty well! We enjoyed a little bit of non-highway driving to get to our hotel in Rochester. We all pretty much crashed, and then went and got some of Abbot's {AMAZING} frozen custard!!!!!!!! At first I thought their prices were a little high, until I saw the portions... I just wanted a little milkshake, but I was handed a MONSTROUS concoction of the creamiest frozen vanilla custard and oreo's. {it was a little bit of heaven!}

We were disappointed to find that the hotel didn't have a pool, but when it was the only hotel room we could get for 100 miles, we were just happy to be in New York!

On Sunday we visited Old Path's Bible Baptist Church!!! The message was just what we needed to hear and it was so great to see one of the missionaries we support, and some good friends again!! Their new auditorium is so big and beautiful!!! Although I have visited a few times before, it was Josh's first time, and we were really pleased!

We headed towards home after church, and stopped to visit Bethel Baptist Church in London, Ontario. The assistant Pastor and his wife are good friend of Josh's from college, and they invited us over after church pizza! It was nice to get to know them, and I know Josh had a wonderful time catching up with them! {and can I just say that I LOVE Canadian accents!!!!???}

We arrived home at 2:30 this morning, and Josh attempted to get a couple hours of sleep before heading to work!

We are so thankful to have been able to take this trip!! It was such a huge encouragement to us and I know it will continue to be as we think back on our crazy spontaneous trip! <3


  1. It sounds like you had a wonderful trip. The falls are beautiful.

  2. SO pretty! Last month I was able to visit Niagra Falls. It was so pretty.