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at the moment || 8/13

{blame the blurriness on hubby's ipod...}

*working on a fun project! I think I'm finally able to "translate" my thoughts to paper for the awesome Bethany!!! Hopefully she can make sense of my stilljumbled thoughts. {blamethatonbeingpregnant}

*i'm obsessed with markers. canyatell?

*reading through 1 Corinthians. <3 So much to think about in this book... I think I need to find some kind of commentary on it... 

*listening to my hubby's Ipod... {Pirates of the Caribbean anyone? I think I'm gonna skip that one...}

*eating chips and cheese dip {late lunch}. I'm totally hooked on this stuff thanks to my bestfriendever, who I miss like crazy. 

*enjoying the sunshine and fresh air. and clean sheets that smell like bleach! <3


  1. Dear Hannah,
    Thank you for the comment you left on my blog a few months ago! It has taken me this long to actually work out who you are and how I actually knew you. My early blogging years seem so far behind me now, but that is still a tad embarrassing!

    It has been lovely to have a quick catch-up – I have been loving looking round your blog and discovering the amazing ways in which the Lord has been working in your life. Isn't the Lord good?! And how exciting that you are now married and expecting your first little one!

    It is so refreshing to take time to live in the moment – so often we are rushing through our busy lives so fast that we neglect to notice the little things. This post is simple and refreshing for that very reason!


  2. 1 Corinthians... I'm reading through it right now. So much in there... takes me awhile to soak it all in!

  3. Hey Hannah!

    Unfortunately, the internet at my grandmama's house is basically NONEXISTANT!
    I've been working on the blog design a bit and I'd love your feedback.
    It's still a bit messy and I still have stuff to finish...but the general idea is there!


    1. Hey Bethany! I love Love LOVE the blog design!!! Amazingly its exactly what I pictured in my head, and a million times better!!!! Seriously, I'm in love!!!

      Anything you specifically want my feed back on? ;-P

      <3 Hannah