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inspired NO. 5

In todays society of texting, email, twitter, and facebooke are you a good listener?
>>> 4 tips to make you a better listener

Feeling really pushed for time???
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Since we live in a tiny apartment, I've been brainstorming and researching what I actually need for baby...
>>> This post really came in handy

Having trouble with being content when things get tough?
>>> 6 Small Habits to Increase Contentment when Life isnt Easy

So I've needed this post for months{more on what + how I did it coming soon}...
>>> One Revolutionary Trick to Make Your Home Far More Manageable

THIS pizza recipe is on the list to try this week!!!

Check out one of my favorite photographer's brand spankin' new design!

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  1. Hey Hannah(:
    Thanks for posting the list of baby items, since I am pregnant with my first I honestly have no clue what I actually need and don't need. You would think growing up with a big family, that I would be a pro at this buuuut...im not ;P
    Would you be at all interested in emailing back and forth? We seem to kind of be in the same spots in life right now, and having someone to talk to and get advice from would be great (: Let me know what you think

    1. =) I have a 2 year old brother, so thankfully, I can use that as a starting point too! =P He had so many clothes that he didn't need to wear an outfit twice!!! ^_^ =P hehe. Yes, I would LOVE to email!!!! my email is thesisnannahbeth@gmail.com

      XX Hannah B

  2. Ooh! The contentment one was greatly needed and will be a huge help! Thanks for sharing!

    1. I'm so glad that it was encouraging to you!!! =D

  3. Thanks for including some of my posts in your blog! (www.embracingasimplerlife.com) I like what you have going on here! Congrats on your pregnancy. :)