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Hello Baby No. 2 || 13 weeks

weight gain: I hit the +8 lb mark somehow, but have been stuck there for the last couple weeks. I am now into what would be considered maternity, except I've just been wearing really large t-shirts or tops I had that are a little bit fuller-ish. I don't think I've actually worn anything maternity yet. Knit tanks are an essential.

morning sickness: I am very thankful to say that as soon as I hit day 1 of week 12 everything seemed to improve. I've had tons more energy, and a little more motivation. I have been having whopping migraine's almost every other day that always stem from really weird place. {like the right side of my face? FACE, not HEAD!!!

cravings: Ironically I have had a very poor appetite lately. The list of things that settle well has shrunk rapidly. Right now ramen noodles{with extra broth} are always good. gogurts are awesome when I can only handle something little. and root beer floats are amazing. I've been having to stay away from pop more though, because it makes me sick? weird, but whatever. 

other stuff: COLD showers are amazing. I have felt some very slight movement. {It feels like a butterfly kiss, but on the inside of my belly...}

I can't "suck it in" anymore... And it feels really weird. 

We had an ultrasound a couple weeks ago, and got to see the baby!!! It was awesome to see it moving so much!!!

|we were able to go to the beach on Saturday, and here's a fun picture! :) Hopefully I'll get more up soon!


  1. I hope your migraine's stop soon. How exciting that you got to see the baby. Are you going to find out what you are having or are you going to be surprised?

    1. Hi Salinn!!! Thankfully, I haven't had another since Monday!!! Yes, we plan on trying to find out what the baby is, if it cooperates that is! ;-P

  2. Hey Hannah(: Congratulations on your pregnancy! I will be 13 weeks tomorrow, so exciting!!
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