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when cancer knocks on your door|| my mama's story

this is Part 1 of a series that I will be writing about every other week until my mom has beat the beast of breast cancer! I will try to keep details up to date as well as share my thoughts about the whole thing! Please keep her in your prayers! XX H

About 2 months ago in a random phone call my mom mentioned she had a doctors appointment. When I unsuspectingly asked what it was for her answer was a quick "oh just a check up". Red flags immediately went up in my mind. Mom and I have always been open about things like that, and her answer definitely let me know that something was wrong...

I was able to get some answers out of her in that phone call.

she had found 2 lumps, and she was going to get them checked out. It wasn't necessarily serious, but deep down I knew it wasn't good.

In the slew of doctors appointments that followed, she found out that she did indeed have Stage 2 breast cancer, but thankfully it has not spread to anything other than her lymph nodes! A team of doctors and nurses were assigned her case and after a little deliberation set in motion a plan of action.

a fast plan of action, as one lump was slightly smaller than a golf ball, and the other marble sized.

Since then she has gone through 3 treatments of chemo. She continue with that until the end of June when they will reassess the situation and proceed from there.

Thankfully her latest results are that the lumps are shrinking!

Her white blood cell count has been extremely low since the first chemo, which makes her super susceptible to catching any kind of sickness. Because of that she has had to stay away from people most of the time, unless it is on her day with the highest count. This means only occasional getting out of the house> no church since people go whether they're sick or not and only occasional quick trips to the store if absolutely necessary.

 It has also meant the constant use of hand sanitizer and disinfectant, continuously taking lots extra vitamins, and consistently wiping down everything anyone touches{doorknobs, faucets, counters, cups, etc} not just for her, but for all of the rest of us!

She has been keeping busy with lots of craft projects and music lessons, and she never really slows down other than the 3 + 4th days after her chemo. She has also been having tons of fun finding new scarves and trying out different ways to wear them!


  1. Oh Hannah! I'll definitely be praying for her. I mentioned it to my mom and we'll add it to our prayer list. Would she mind if we added her to our church prayer list as well? You can email me or just leave a reply.
    Hope things continue to get better,

    1. Oh thank you! Yes, she would really appreciate that!


  2. I will be praying for her. It's wonderful that the cancer is shrinking.

  3. Always praying for your mom and whole family during this trial. So glad the treatments are working!!