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Life No. 1

God has worked in my life in so many different ways this last year! I still feel like I'm gonna wake up from a beautiful dream any second now.

Last spring I graduated from {homeschool} high school, and I really had no idea what I was supposed to do next. I got accepted by a college and I fully intended to start there last fall, but God had other plans. I was pretty discouraged when doors kept closing left and right. I couldn't find a job anywhere, and there was no guarantee I could find one once I got there. I didnt have much saved, and I wouldn't have a vehicle which was going to make things really tricky. Plus I was kind of running from something that I just needed to stop and face. <still working on that one<

I detasseled once more, and ironically a conversation with my daddy in the field on a crazy day changed my life.

Josh + I officially started "courting" and just a couple weeks later, he proposed! Last fall was seriously a whirlwind, and I don't remember much other than I worked at an apple orchards fun farm for 2 months,

Torri AND Kaylee came to Michigan for Thanksgiving break,

and I heard the Messiah for the first time.{B family Christmas Tradition}

Then in January I turned 19, and got married 14 days later.

Married life is wonderful, of course, but it has also taken a lot of getting used to. {Try going from living with other people to just 1! And constantly being with a C R A Z Y 16 year old sister and 2 YEAR OLD brother to being a stay at home wife! ;-P}

oh- and hey people! I'm not perfect.

Looking back I'm totally just in awe. God's plan is always perfect, even if it doesn't seem like it at the time.

And once again I'm kind of in awe of the doors opening up!

I'm officially calling myself a real life blogger. I've blogged sporadically before, but I'm for real now. Internet+domain name+new design+time+money means I'm DETERMINED to do this!

And I'm officially chasing my dream of starting a photography business!!! I'm not going to be your normal photographer though! After lots of research + experimentation + practice I've decided to focus on lifestyle or storytelling photography! I love capturing the little moments of everyday that seem to be forgotten way too often, and Its my dream to capture these moments for others as well!

I have also fallen in love with the art of hand-drawn lettering. I've always loved writing {I would write + rewrite my spelling words for hours on end} and I have finally found a way to put it to good use! ;-P I've opened am Etsy Shop to sell my little hand drawn prints, and I am super excited to plan for some craft fairs + festivals too!

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  1. Aww Hannah it was great to read your post! It sounds like life is going great for you! I've been praying for y'all and will add your photo/etsy/blog plans :)

  2. I love your BLOG. You are an inspiration to me day by day. I love you my Hannah B.