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inspired NO. 2

"So often we settle for mediocrity instead of taking a chance, because it’s safer. Because no one will see us fail if we stay safely in the backdrop of the every day. We settle for “middle of the road” because going all out and actually trying costs us something. It costs us our pride if we do not succeed. It could cost us a piece of our self-esteem. It may, in some cases, even cause us to be ridiculed or to be a public spectacle for a moment. It is so much easier to dial back our efforts so that if we fail, we can blame it on the fact that we weren’t really trying our best.
We use our mediocrity like a shield.
But deep down, most of us want to put our best out there. Unfortunately we are afraid of the risk. The higher we climb, the further we can fall. The faster we run, the harder the impact.
Ultimately, we are afraid that if we give our best, it will not be enough. And that could mean that we are not enough…
You will fail. If you try, you will. But not trying is also its own kind of failure."

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"You do not need your cell phone, laptop, or your best friend in order to hear from God."

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That situation didn’t work out according to how I wanted? No problem. I will run so far in the other direction that my plans cannot fail in this way ever again. Instead of asking God what He wants to do, I will give up that plan all together because it is too scary to ever be picked back up again by me.

It doesn’t necessarily mean we should give up our dreams or plans in their entirety. Your dreams have a purpose. But it does mean that we must realize that we are not God and we need to trust Him with the details of the plan. Hold them loosely. We need to be flexible.

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