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i'm thankful.

im learning to be more grateful. Grateful for Gods timing. Grateful for the way God is working through both good and bad. Grateful for every moment I get to spend with the awesome people I call my family. God has been so good, and I am thankful.

I'm learning to be grateful every single moment.

God can use bad for good if you really let him. If you allow yourself to be thankful for what you had instead of bitter about what you lost. If you are joyful in every circumstance. If you serve him even when you hit rock bottom and totally don’t feel like it.

I'm grateful for every moment because every moment I am learning something new. I'm learning to love the unlovable. To step out and do the hard thing. To squelch the bitterness that the devil keeps trying to trip me with. To love those that God has put in my life. To serve. serve. serve. to live every moment to its fullest.

I'm learning to see beauty in everything. In the pain + hardship. In the drab or in the brilliance. In the everyday or the random. In the quiet or in the loudness.

Life is beautiful and I'm so thankful!

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