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lazy day...

Its really nice up here today> just the right temperature for working outside. A breeze is blowing in my window, and the sun is shining! :) Im looking forward to going on a bike ride {hopefully 12 miles!} after I finish posting some things! =)

// this morning I went and got my yearly eye exam!!! Hardly any change in my prescription and I don’t have a stigmatism- yet. {we’ll see how long that lasts} I decided to try contacts this time>yay.yay.yay.

// I finally got one of my big projects done, and imsoexcited! >CHECK IT OUT OVER HERE<

// sometimes lately I’ve felt like hibernating in my bed. =/ but GOD is good, and I’ve been pushing myself forward!

// I got a new lens {50mm} for my camera, and I LOVE it!!! I also downloaded THIS e-book and the photographer who is teaching me has 2 shoots scheduled soon! =)

// we got wind that another detasseling crew is starting next week which means we will probably be starting shortly after> hello early season? I hope not, but just in case I’m starting on my super long to-do list…I'm pretty sure I wont finish it, and I might not even make a dent in it, but here it is…

>sew 3 skirts {I’ve had the material around for a while, and actually one of them is already cut out.}, a camera strap, and a divider for my camera bag + some other little things

>take a picture a day

>make some cards

>finish thank-you’s from graduation{I have 2 left… =/}

>practice my violin 3 times this week

>order a guitar book + lens

>bike every day

>redesign this blog

||||  I have some new post ideas, so I will try to get on writing something more interesting soon! J If not before, its definitely one of my top priorities after detasseling season! J

1 comment:

  1. I love the idea of the new blog for young ladies!! I hope the contacts work for you, I switched over last summer, and I love wearing contacts.
    Have a great summer,