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little bits of life #2

So... the last week and a half has brought many changes in my life! I've had my ups and downs- I've seen some of mountain tops and yet more frequently the lowest part of the valleys... But through everything, I can still confidently say, GOD IS GOOD!

*I applied for a job as a day camp counselor about a month ago, and they hired last years assistant counselor... I hadn't heard anything, so I just assumed they didn't need an assistant this year{they only need one if there are so many kids...). Then last Friday Kate- the "boss" called and asked if I could still work, starting Monday! Thankfully the Lord has given me 2 full weeks of work! I LOVE working with the kids... At times they get a little hard to handle, but the Lord gives the grace to deal with each problem as it comes... It has been an AWESOME experience for me!

*my sister and I FINALLY bought a car! The Lord worked all the details out, and I still cant believe how perfectly everything fell together... Friday night around 9, my dad asked me if I was serious about getting a car, and if I wanted him to start looking for one. I gave him a confident yes, and within an hour my sister texted me the info about a car... We went to look at it first thing the next morning, and drove it home! 

*on Saturday I got to babysit a couple really sweet kids for a couple hours! It was a lot of fun, and I really enjoyed spending some time with them! <3

*I have applied for another job as a counselor at a Girl Scout Camp nearby. I am really praying that the Lord would open doors and allow me to get this job! 

*The Lord has opened a door for me in photography... I am "working with" a neighbor right now... She has taught me so much in a really short time! I've gotten to help her with a family shoot as well as a newborn studio shoot! Both were a lot of fun! I am praying about starting doing it on my own here... as soon as I can get a little bit more equipment{like a new lens, etc.}! I am working on setting up a couple times to practice on a few people I know! ;-P

*I've also been having a lot of fun editing pictures {I finally got Photoshop!!!!!!}, and playing around with some design stuff{like a graduation invite for a friend and some blog stuff}!

I really liked how this picture turned out... :-P

Have a lovely weekend!!!!


  1. Hey!
    Great news about the jobs and car!! The photo is awesome, maybe I should get photography tips from you :)
    Have a great summer, I'll be praying for you at the summer camp!

    1. Thanks! ;-P I'm thinking about doing a photography post soon... We'll see when I find the time! =P Thanks for your prayers! Im needing them since this group is a little more rowdy! =/
      Hope all is going well for ya! :)