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little bits of life...

I really should be working on my finals, but I have a serious headache, so that's not going so well.

I am almost Almost *ALMOST* done with my senior year of high school! It is so hard to believe that I will be graduating in a week! I only have 2 finals left and one more to finish(I got it mostly done before my headache)!

I'm almost done reading through the book of Isaiah! (I'm finishing chapter 43) I used to think of it as an intimidating book to read (kinda like Chronicles), but it really isn't! There is SO much in it!

The Lord has really been working in my life in so many AWESOME +  totally unexpected ways! Its amazing and I can't wait to share more as things become more finalized + definite! 

I have lots of hopes + plans + projects for this summer, and I'm really excited to stay busy + get some things done! =)

=Right now=

listening to... the silence, cars driving by, doors slamming...

thinking... a million random thoughts a minute...

wishing... that I could go rollerblading.

hoping... that tomorrow is sunny + ill have the motivation to FINISH my school!

praying for... a job, guidance + wisdom, some motivation!

loving... sleeping on the floor • watching movies late at night with my sissy • planning • jolly ranchers • smoothies • tomatoes + feta cheese

1 comment:

  1. Hey there...
    ALMOST DONE!! Congrats on graduating!! Are you going to Fairhaven?? Hope the rest of your finals go well!