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the things that say a lot #1

So... this post is seriously totally super random and a little different than what I normally do... but, I am a random person, of course, and I just so happen to love writing this sort of thing. (I got the inspiration from this post and then this post!)

"Things that say a lot about people: the way in which they treat the waiter/waitress how they feel about the weather whether they dog-ear pages or highlight in books fingernails and hands in general their preferred creative outlet how much they dread/enjoy talking on the phone whether or not they drink coffee if they ever forget to eat how honest they are with themselves (and others) if they correct your grammar and whether or not they get nervous before haircuts."

i. I've always thought waitressing had to be a hard-ish, stressful job, since they're dealing with hungry impatient people. So... I always try to be super polite and patient + make them smile. =)

ii. the warm sunshiny days when I can run barefoot and throw myself in the grass are my favorites, but I also enjoy stomping through mud puddles on drizzly days or trudging through the snow while my breath freezes in the air.

iii. books are full of beautiful words that must be reread + remembered + repeated. Words are so important and full of meaning. Words have become so important to me + I want to make sure I remember them. Writing notes + highlighting in books {especially my Bible} is something I do often.♥

iv. because I play the violin I keep my nails short + usually painted with something light and glittery. My hands aren't anything to look at- they're generally rough and cracked from my eczema.

v. creativity is as much a part of me as eating and breathing is. Photography, writing, making fun stuff + making life beautiful are my favorite creative outlets!♥

vi. When I'm hyper, I LOVE talking on the phone with my best friends, but I generally dread calls to anyone else- especially strangers. I always rehearse what to say a hundred times before I actually make the call. (that always annoys my sister...=/)

vii. i don't drink coffee. There. I said it. =/ but... I do adore french vanilla cappuccino (with 2 creamers) and hot chocolate with whip cream!

viii. forget to eat? story. of. my. life. Breakfast is usually forgotten in my rush to start my daily tasks, so I eat late. (think almost lunch) and... lunch is normally ignored because I'm so rushed and distracted. but, I normally make up for forgotten meals with random snacks at all hours. =/

ix. I would say I'm usually honest with myself. I know what the real world + harsh reality is like and I've learned to have absolutely no expectations whatsoever so I'm always prepared for the worst.
as to being honest with others... I've never been good at expressing myself so I generally don't talk about much of anything around people other than my bestest friends.

x. grammar. Hmm... there are some words that I'm super picky about- like how you pronounce aunt. *Its AUnt, not ant.* but, I don't generally worry about grammar. I say ain't, people, if that tells ya anything. ;-P

xi. I only get nervous when a stranger cuts my hair, because they always chop off way too much. But when my friend does it I feel perfectly comfortable. She knows what I want + does nothing more. I'm always happy with the way she does it! =) 

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  1. hey girl! ;)
    thank you for your sweet comment on my blog! i don't mind at all--in fact, i'm glad you gave me the link! i enjoyed reading this. :)

    xx, mikailah