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Little bits of life...

Dr. Pepper * pizza bread * watching movies * homemade breadsticks * cooking(finally doing some of it!) * sticky notes + highlighters * thrift store shopping * eating waaay to many no-bakes{=/}

Well, life seems to get busier by the minute... and not to mention more complicated...

Gods really been working on my heart lately. Its hard to face reality sometimes, but you just have to. Its always gonna be there, so you might as well realize that now...

//Yesterday I set my alarm(yay! haven't done that in a while... =/) and actually got up! I was able to spend an hour + a half on my devotions! I really needed the extra time to prepare myself to face the day + the rest of my week!

//I've been doing a lot of writing in my journal! I'm gonna try to write everyday this week!
Writing is kinda hard sometimes, because its so real. And for me, its the ugly and messy kind of real.

//I decided to tackle reading the book of Isaiah. Its a pretty tough book to read at times, but there's a lot of interesting things in there that I've never thought about!

//I finally pulled out my scrapbooks and got a couple pages done! I found a new favorite color combination: light pink, orange, yellow, and green!

//last week mom took Gabby + I on a shopping trip! We were, thankfully, able to find quite a few things! =)

~what have you been up to lately?

~has God been working on your heart lately?

~ever read the book of Isaiah?

~what's your favorite color combination?

{and, yes I'd like some feedback please!} ;-P

1 comment:

  1. Ok... feedback... ;)

    Life: Learning more about the difficulties (and blessings) of ministry work! Trying to keep up with schoolwork and...LIFE! :)

    God working on my heart: To have patience, especially on rough days! I'm not the type to have outward impatience- it's inwardly that I tend to get annoyed way too quickly, and that shouldn't be!

    Isaiah: Read it many times- it's a tough one! Thank God for His Holy Spirit to teach us as we read through His Word!

    My favorite color combination: powder blue, peach-orange, and white <3<3<3

    Good post!!!

    ~Hannah S.