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*Torri's Bridal Shower*

colors: turquoise + yellow, with a tiny bit of green

 {Torri + Aunt Becky}

My absolute favorite decoration!

Decorating the mantle added a lot! =) {doncha love the mirrors?}  

Mom and Aunt Bek get the credit for the very creative decorations...
{I did write on the chalkboards!}

Now this sweet lady, oh may I brag on her for a few minutes? or an hour? {JK} 
This is the lady who opened her home for the shower, and let me tell you; She has the most wonderful servants heart. She rearranged her living room for us, went out of her way to procure some very nice dishes, as well as did a lot of the clean up. And that is my few second version of an hour long speech! This is one very special lady!

Someone showed me a secret little window that gave me an AWESOME vantage point! I had so much fun getting some wonderful pictures from above!


Someone in their church offered to do the cake, and these two gorgeous girls volunteered to help her!
And that cake! It was so beautiful and delicious! I couldnt help taking tons of pictures of it!

 I was behind the camera all day so this is seriously the only one I got in! =/ I had so much fun! {I took 481 pictures! I guess it was good practice for the reception!}

Congrats Tor! I love you girlie! =)

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