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Your Relationship with God {Part 1}

A few weeks ago I shared a little{although I'm told it was long} devotional with a small group of my friends. Ever since then I have really been trying to focus on putting what I shared into practice. I’ve decided to share a little bit of that what I have been thinking on for the last few weeks!

This series is going to focus on our relationship with Jesus, and it will probably span over the next month, since I have a few different posts on the subject already in the works. =) Make sure you check back to read the rest of the series!

I'm ashamed to say that if you had asked me that a month ago I would have ducked my head and tried to avoid the question. It wasn’t going good, not. at. all.

I had lost my focus, and I couldn’t seem to get myself out of the hole I felt like I was in. The Lord really used that time to help me see that I really cant do anything in my own strength! I can do NOTHING. NOT ONE THING!

It was during that time that I read a devotional that is really the whole inspiration for this series of posts. This quote is what really really stuck out to me! 

Vibrant means lively, vivacious, animated, exciting, energetic, alive, bubbly etc.
Our relationship with Jesus isn’t supposed to be a chore, or an obligation.

*think about your relationship with your best friend- 
what is it like?

Usually you have a lot of fun with your best friend. You can be crazy and they don’t care because they are just as crazy! You can talk about almost anything. They know your mistakes, and they don’t hold them against you. And usually, you and your best friend are almost inseparable!

That pretty close to what your best friendship looks like right?

Well, since Jesus is our Best Friend{I mean really, He is!}, shouldn’t our relationship with Him be similar to that?

*Contrary to what some people say our relationship with Jesus can be fun! 
Serving God is fun because it is the only thing that brings true happiness! =)

*God loves you just the way you are. He made you that way, didn’t he? 
He made you different from everyone else, and he loves you that way! =)

*You can talk to God about anything and EVERYTHING. 
He wants you to talk to him because in doing so you are acknowledging that he really is God. 
By talking to Him you are also telling him He is important to you!

*God knows every single mistake you've made- every bad thought thats gone through your head, 
every bad word you've said when no one else was around. 
He knows every single sin, yet he still loves you!
 He loved you so much that He died for you!

*God never ever leaves us! He walks right beside us through every single moment! He is ALWAYS there!

We can have a very personal relationship with Jesus, just like we can with our friends. He like important people who dont have time for us. He is our best friend, and He wants us to make the time to get to know Him better so that he can help and comfort us!

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