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Hello February!

Wow! Last week was very very busy, but I got a ton accomplished.

*I had a few friends over yesterday! I wanted to make it a really fun and encouraging time, but I had so many thoughts and ideas that I was getting worried it wasn’t all going to fall together. Thankfully it did, although I didn’t quite have my thoughts for the devotional {which I'm currently working on typing up} organized, and I’m told it was rather lengthy. It was good though, very encouraging to get some input from the other girls! J
*I had to cancel violin lessons since my hands were bothering me so much, and I didn’t practice piano, but its okay- my hands needed the break!
*I'm looking forward to being able to relax this week, before diving in to my next couple projects! J
*I am very glad to have my best friend home from college{for good}! I'm not glad things happened the way they did, but she is HOME!

I have some bigger month-long goals for myself this time.

>read A Young Woman’s Guide to Prayer{Elisabeth George} and Discover Your Destiny{Cary Schmidt}
>Write 10 devotionals. I actually have a lot of notes already written, so it shouldn’t take that much! J
>redesign my blog
>lose 5lbs
>Eat healthier + count my carbs
>Finish my theory book

Goals for this week…
>Pray more.
>Get together with Suzy
>Get ready for the Bible study
>finish my devotional + post it!
>exercise 3 times
>sew a skirt
>finish revising my bucket list
>I'm going to work on being more patient! I need to also think more before I say stuff…

My flesh and my heart faileth:
but God is the strength of my heart,
and my portion for ever.
                                                                                           Psalms 73:26                                                

I’d also like to share some really good articles I read this week! {Please note, although these were very encouraging I don’t necessarily agree with everything in them, or on the linked sites!}

1 comment:

  1. Hi Hannah! I follow you on Pinterest, and I LOVE your blog. You are such an encouragement. It is a blessing to hear of other young people who are serving the Lord. I am a born-again Christian as well- my dad is pastor of Calvary Ind. Baptist Church in Bay St. Louis, MS. Keep Blogging and Pinning. (I'll keep reading and re-pinning!) =D
    ~ Hannah Stahl