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A different mindset(this week)

*sorry for the very uncreative title! =(

"I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me." -Philippians 4:13

We cannot achieve anything in our own strength! It is only THROUGH Jesus Christ that we accomplish anything! Make sure you're giving HIM the credit! =)

On Sunday my friend Suzy gave me a really sweet gift! Each day I have a little saying/thought + a verse to read and a little surprise(so far its been candy) to brighten my mood! =)

Yesterdays thought was-

"Make today the best day of the week!"

I've decided to try to have this mindset for every day! When you think more positively if helps your days to go WAY better! =)

Last week was nice, very relaxing! I did get my room mostly done, some books read, plans made, etc.

I didn't exercise at all, but I did take a walk outside... I happened to choose the day after a huge snowstorm, the snow was deeper than my boots in some places! =/
I've also been stretching a lot!

I did eat quite a bit healthier last week! I ate lots of fruits + veggies(home canned green beans are the best)!

My hands have been bothering me, but over the weekend its gotten a little worse... more pain, tingling, and numbness! :-/ thankfully they are a lot better today!

This weeks goals
-sew a skirt
-write another devotional
-plan the ladies fellowship lunch
-make some verse plaques
-finish reading Discovering your Destiny
-practice my instruments

The rest of this week is really starting to look full! I'm looking forward to spending some time with friends, "baby"sitting, and visiting my Aunt on the other side of the state(and helping out with wedding details!) among other little things!! =)

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