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The Week of January 28th

* I wrote a few things... I'm working on some devotionals right now.

* I hit a hard spot in my theory. No wonder, after playing for about 5 years off and on hardly anything makes sense. Learn theory when you first start!

* picked out 2 recital songs. I'm pretty nervous since I never play the piano in front of people.

* I planned the menu for the next 2 weeks! Not sure how close we will stick with it, but its done!

* I'm reading through the book of Romans right now. There are so many things I never noticed before! Its amazing! :)

*I have to say that my devotional book Jesus Calling is a life saver! I try to read it every morning to help me get focused before I start my day!

I'm not gonna make a to do list this week. I have a ton of things I need to get accomplished, but I'm learning that, even when I don't cross everything off my list, its ok! As long as I'm moving forward, I'm good!
These last few weeks have been filled to the brim. I've gotten a lot accomplished by prioritizing my time and energy(and staying up late ;-P). Putting the most important things first always helps me get more motivated!

* something God is teaching me right now is to NEVER EVER take your friends for granted! I've been working hard on it for the last year! Being constantly thankful for your friends is a must.
Being put on the back burner when you thought you were doing well feels like a stab in the back, but God gives the strength to move forward and react in the right way!
Pray for your friends. Be thankful for them! Show them that they really mean a lot to you!

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  1. hey girl, it has been a long time! everything's fine with me, what about you?