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My Life as usual.

*applied at 6 different places, and I have 4 more to do online. I got one interview- which really encouraged me! (I’m pumped- even if I don’t get the job.) The guy doing it seemed to like that I have detasseled. Haha. Yeah, someone who’s done it for 5 years either loves hot strenuous disgusting work to death, or is very determined, or maybe just flat out crazy. I'm probably the latter.
*pretty much finished sorting all of my stuff upstairs.
*finished reading through one Bible Study book. Now I just need to go back and do the questions for the last 4 chapters.
*practicing my instruments was on the back burner last week. L They weren’t on my list of top priorities{I'm not too happy with myself about that}. My hands have been bothering me a lot more too, which makes it hard sometimes.

This weeks to do list…
·         Write{I think this will be permanently on my list. :-P}
·         Finish the first half of my theory book
·         Choose recital songs
·         Finish sewing 2 skirts{got them cut out a couple weeks ago}
·         Sort pictures and get them printed. {really really need to do this!}
·         Make a verse book
·         Start exercising again{I'm pretty glad that our scale isn’t working right now, I don’t even wanna look at it! L}
·         Count everything I eat
·         Drink more water
·         Take my vitamins

And… Ill include todays list too…
v  Piano
v  Violin
v  Bible Study {I actually have 3 that I need to get done today}
v  Write(3 emails, a letter, and as many posts as I can fit in)
v  Physics Test{ugh!}
v  Economics reading quiz
v  Say 2 verses
v  Write out this weeks menu and start on next weeks. I asked mom if I could plan meals for next week and get groceries and everything. Dad said I could, as long as I plan this weeks menu- with only what we already have in the house.

Mom has been working hard on finishing the bathroom. We ran into a problem with the electrical outlet not wired correctly. It is looking TONs better!

We are also working on painting upstairs again little by little. J

I will say of the LORD, He is my refuge and my fortress:
my God;
 in him will I trust.
 Psalms 91:2 


  1. I see a lot of things in your list that I often think about too! There always seems to be things that need to be done, or done more often! :)

    How exciting that you are applying for a job! What kind of jobs are you looking at? It has been strange for me to go out to a restaurant for dinner and also be sure I will see my friend there! :)


  2. That looks like a good list !
    I just discovered your blog through a comment you left on fresh Modesty. I've already bookmarked your blog and look forward reading more posts from you !
    Keep on the good work
    Have a blessed day,
    Marie, a reader from France