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These past few months have been literally a whirlwind. Time has flown, in both good ways and bad. Facing each day head on has been difficult, but as a dear lady keeps reminding us- God gives the strength to face each day as it comes.
I have been seriously unmotivated for a long time (too long), and this week was a killer. But I finally got some inspiration {probably from all my friends “pep talks” ;-P} to do something…  I have a lot to get accomplished in a very little time, but I am slowly but surely crossing things off my lists.
Through everything that has gone on we somehow got 2 weeks behind. Our goal was to finish our 1st semester before we took our Christmas break. The normal schedule for our curriculum has us doing our Semester Finals 2 weeks after break, which makes no sense. So we are pushing to get them done by the end of this next week! Its going to be a long haul though.
We finally started working on our bathroom… Or mom repainted it rather! We have the flooring all ready to go, when we get the time. Mom has been doing some painting again, and I'm trying to talk her into doing some for me! ;-D I'm proud of my super creative Mama… she seriously has some talent that she’s been hiding for way too long! <3
My super cute little brother finally started saying my name!!!! J He is so funny sometimes, laughing randomly and giving his mischievous little grin. He learned to climb up on the table, and is obsessed with bread, anything electronic, “cookies” (animal crackers), vacuums, spoons, and his little friend Dee… J

~listening to my favorite song a million times a day…
“Wow… after hitting back everytime my favorite song ended… I just found the repeat button on my ipod! Yay!” {My facebook status a couple days ago…}

~shopping for + wrapping Christmas presents- I tried to have fun this year, and not wait until the week before to buy them, and Christmas Eve to wrap them all! :-P I am, thankfully, almost done! J

~Drinking lots of water and taking my antibiodic + cold medicine + vitamins in an attempt to ward off another cold, or get rid of my first one … After being sick for 3 months, it gets old!

~looking forward to Suzy’s Christmas break… {we are gonna squeeze in a ton of time together!}

~trying to decide what cookies to make for the Cookie Exchange! {I got a cookie book from the library, but cant decide what kind to make…}                    

~laughing with friends always lifts my spirits! J

~reading my devotional book and Bible Study has been something that I have neglected, but this week I started doing it again. Both have really challenged me to have a different attitude when it comes to living life! <3

~enjoying… Christmas music, hot chocolate, red and green, the snow, warm boots, comfy sweaters, watching movies, texting one of my best friends, my Government class {I was never much into politics or anything like that, but its very interesting!}, egg nog shakes,

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