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my summer.

Wow. This summer flew by super fast. It was probably the awesomest summer of my life. I had a lot of fun, got to spend a ton of time with my really awesome friends and family, and I also got a lot accomplished. It was also the worst summer of my life because of the many struggles I've had, plus we have experienced some very hard trials as a family, and church family.

My sister was going through her pictures the other day, and came across these. Im still not sure how they ended up on her computer, but... oh well. I was going to post these quite a while ago. Forgive the awful quality- Im still not all together with my computer yet.

These first ones are from a family gathering we had in July... It was really nice to see {almost} everyone. It definitely wasnt as fun as camping, but since that didnt work...

Everyone really enjoyed Sam- when he was feeling sociable, which wasnt very much. =P

It was really nice to be able to talk to people. I talked to my cousin for a LONG time. 
{Hi Shannon! ;D}

This guy loves to make faces...

Samuel is getting so big. It is hard to believe that he is almost a year old. Time has flown!!

{Our LAST day of work!!!}
Detasseling was a lot more fun this year because we did it with a bunch of our friends...
Some of them didnt work every day, but Cory, Luke, and Suzy did.

I really am not sure why I am posting these, but... whatever. 
{The guys really make Suzy and I look like dwarfs! lol}

A group of our friends {and us} did a special in church. It took a lot of work, but it was worth it...

I had to completely reboot my computer to factory mode because I was trying to get my cd drive to work...
It didnt end up working, but oh well. At least now I have all my stuff backed up. That took a while.
{hours... and hours...}

Sam graduated to a big boy car seat. He can finally sit up and look out the windows! :)

We spent extra time at my good friend Suzy's this summer because she is just plain awesome! This is her last year at college, therefore possibly her last normal summer at home. Next fall she will probably be getting a job in some faraway land{aka another state...}, which means we might not see her much. So anyways we spent a couple days with her, and she decided to straighten my hair. The perfect solution for non frizzy hair. Too bad it takes so long. Sorry for the stupidly random pictures.

To celebrate the end of detasseling we took a trip over to Michigans Adventure. Since Im not huge on stuff like that, mom, Sam, and I went shopping.

Sam had fun with Suzy's sunglasses... :)

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