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Summer // Things I'm Loving

Well, my {semi-normal} summer is just about over. We got a call this week that detasseling starts {dark and early} tomorrow morning. It is about 2 weeks early this year, but I'm excited. A lot of people I know are doing it, so hopefully it will be really fun! =P

This past week was really busy. We got a ton done on our house, lost power for a day, and endured 100 degree weather with no A/C.

I mowed our ENTIRE lawn/cleared area. After adding it all up, I think it took me 6 1/2 to 8 hours over Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. It was hot and I got fairly burnt. Oh yeah, and I think I should mention that I saw 3 snakes, screamed once, and killed one. {thats an accomplishment.}


air conditioning// watching movies// reading books// sewing// wearing flip-flops// power-aide{lemon lime and grape}// pizza rolls{this week I discovered you can cook em in the microwave!}// snuggling with Sam// thunderstorms// fireworks//

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