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Detasseling 2012

Well, overall the first day went really well for us. Thankfully it was cooler than it has been the last week and we only worked a partial day- 6 hours. Suzy is a crew leader, but since she has never done it before, I went with her to show her what to do. We had a crew of 5 kids we know, and 4 we didn't. Only 2 were 1st year workers, but they both caught on fast- so did Suzy!

I am hoping because there might be a shortage of crew leaders, that I might get my own crew sometime. That would be fun, but we will see how it goes. I am almost jealous because my brother got his own crew of a grand total of 4 boys. :) They were all newbies- most of whom were under 5 foot. {And I thought I was short.}

Hopefully this next week will go well, and stay cooler. It can get pretty miserable when its so hot.

{Wanna know what exactly detasseling is? READ THIS.}

P.S. Now I will start seeing corn when I close my eyes... lol

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