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Camp Canaan

When Mr. J asked me if I wanted to go with them to Camp- I was more than a little surprised. J I didn’t really know what to expect. I have been to camp twice. Once was for 2 weeks- the first was day camp, the second was overnight, but my parents were staying at the campground. The second time was Junior camp in Florida. I don’t remember much of either time.

Helping out at camp was a lot of fun! I really didn’t do much other than take tons of pictures and videos. I did help out in the kitchen a couple times too, and I had a no-liner in a skit. {lol}
I am glad that I got the opportunity{even if it was literally last minute} to go! I had a lot of fun.

It was the first time I have ever really gone anywhere by myself{meaning without my family}.
{ I take that back. I went to Iowa/Wisconsin/Illinois one weekend with my Aunt and Uncle when my cousins where playing college football. I was probably about 7. :P}
I really enjoyed getting to spend time with Suzy- it was especially nice since she has to go back to college {super} early this year.

I was able to go horseback-riding for the first time ever. {Unless you count a “pony” ride at a carnival.} I had no clue about how to ride a horse, but I managed to survive an hour and a half ride- through the woods, across a field, over streams, along a road{freaky}, down a mountain etc.

One of the first things Pastor U. told us was “Look up in the tree tops- you might see a bear.” He wasn’t joking either. And he wasn’t joking when he told us to watch out for snakes and worse yet- a mountain lion. {All we saw was a deer.}

{Esther: Isn't she so cute? I miss her already! :)}

Isaac had a lot of fun, mainly playing in the sand box!

The Pastors wife got the 3 of us girls matching shirts. 
She had to make sure she got pictures!

This is a bull... Its hard to explain, so maybe I'll eventually post a video.

They made slime one day...

My no-liner in the skit- I was "taping" the reporter... lol

One of the skits.

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