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Crazy Life...

If there ever was a definition of crazy, I would say that it is my life this summer. 
A couple weeks ago my mom, Sam and I made an emergency trip out to see my great grandma who is very sick. It was totally last minute- meaning I found out we were leaving, and I had just over an hour to pack and finish up last minute projects. {like detasseling paper work, making copies of stuff to send, finishing some things that needed to get sent, etc.}

When we got home, I unpacked, got everything washed, and repacked it. My sister and I were heading to spend a couple days at a friends house, and not only did we have to pack that, but we had to be ready to leave whenever we get another call about my grandma.

This week I am headed to Pennsylvania with another friend to help out at a camp out there. We will be gone for a week, but this was, again, a last minute trip. {her dad asked me to go on Wednesday- we are leaving Saturday.}

So, that is why I have been blogging so little. I hope it wont be this way all summer, but it might. 


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