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this week.

Nathanael and I went to take some pictures on the trail.

I saw a snake when we went to the trail, and I screamed. {of course}
I wrote a couple more posts, which I will hopefully schedule for the next couple weeks…

I started practicing a violin arrangement. My goal is to be able to play it in church in a couple weeks.

I started working on some last minute projects for the mother daughter banquet my mom is planning.

I’ve been brainstorming ideas for VBS.

I cleaned my room, and organized my closet.

Nathanael and I did some landscaping in front of the house.

I finished sewing 2 skirts{3 actually, but one came out too small}, and I started cutting out a couple more.

I forced myself to sew a zipper and it actually turned out. I have a habit of avoiding zippers as though my 
life depends on it because I always mess them up. I decided that since skirts with zippers fit me a lot better I am going to put zippers in all of them.

I pulled out my photo book and organized a bunch of pictures. Instead of scrapbooking them all, I got a scrapbook that I can put regular photo pages in- that way everything is in one book. Since a lot of the pictures weren’t dated, they are kind of all just in there…

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