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This is who I want to be...

2. A breathing after; an ardent wish or desire, chiefly of spiritual blessings.
3. The act of aspiring or of ardently desiring what is noble or spiritual.

1. To desire with eagerness; to pant after an object, great, noble or spiritual; followed by to or after; as to aspire to a crown or after immortality.
2. To aim at something elevated; to rise or tower with desire.

 {for some reason these words have been floating around in my head a lot lately...}

What do I wish for? What is my desire? What is my aim, my end goal?

to be…
||an obedient daughter || a kind sister || an encouraging friend || 
a loving wife {someday}
 ||a gentle mother {after someday} ||

I’ve been thinking about that a lot. I’m 17 and life seems to be moving faster than ever. I mean- it seems like just yesterday I was looking forward to being 16. Now I am almost 17 ½. In a year I will {Lordwilling} graduate. Sooner or later {hopefully sooner than the later} I will be an adult making my own decision, living “my” life.  

I’m not a little kid anymore. What am I going to do with my life? How do I want to live?
I’m not talking about whether or not I am going to go to college, or what I’m going to do about a career or anything like that. {my career- wife and mother}
I am talking about me as a person. What is my goal, my desire for life? Do I want to be a selfish person, or someone who lives for Jesus?

I want to live for God. completely. no matter what. always. in everything.

My goal is to live a life that God would wholeheartedly approve of.
It won’t be easy, but I am okay with that- it will be totally worth it.

After I wrote about my responsibilities I’ve been thinking a lot more.

I want to be a daughter who honors and obeys her parents, not just on the outside, but in my heart too. That doesn’t mean that I always agree. It does mean it is my responsibility to respect the authority God has placed in my life.
I want to be a sister that my siblings can look up to. I want to be an example that they can follow. My siblings {all 3-11} of them watch me like hawks {even when I don’t realize it}- they see everything. I want to be someone who encourages, and treats them like they are important.

I want to be a friend who “provoke(s) unto love and to good works:”{Hebrews 10:24}. I don’t just want to be a person my friends like to “hang out” with. I want to be able to help them when they are struggling. I want to be there for them no matter what. I want to be able to be friends with them just for who they are, and not expect them to change. I want to encourage them to love Jesus with their whole heart.
I want to learn how to be a respectful, honoring, loving wife. I want to learn how to be a mother who is gentle and can train her children the right way.

This is the person I want to be.
I want to be someone who lives for Jesus no matter what. I want to be prepared to stand no matter what.

I have big goals. Some people would say they aren’t, but to me this is what I want my life to be. Its going to be hard, its going to take time. I am not going to be perfect.

This is what I aspire to be.

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  1. "I want to live for God. completely. no matter what. always. in everything." Amen!