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Summer// Things I'm Loving #6

Well summer is finally pretty much here. We are trying to plan our garden, we have been outside pretty much all week, Suzy is coming home and our detasseling meeting is this week, so, yeah. Summer is here.

Ironically- even though it is THE hardest, most strenuous job on earth- I am looking forward to detasseling. I’m on my 5th year and I still have a love-hate towards it. =D Our crew is totally awesome {especially after working with morons the first 3 years}, and I would say that is a huge part of what I am looking forward to; I’m even looking forward to G & J fighting. {yup. had to say that.}

things I’m loving…
doing school outside// sitting in the sunshine// trying to get myself to burn{if I burn now I will tan sooner…}// learning an arrangement on my violin// my clean room + desk{this past weekend you wouldn’t have even known it was a desk. blame it on last minute projects for the banquet}// planning on redesigning my blog {no I’m not obsessed with re-design, I’m just experimenting}// relaxing// planning my summer// sewing// jamoca shakes{I think I had one almost every day last week}// blueberry-strawberry smoothies// homemade pizza//


please note that I do not agree with everything on these blogs. I found the posts I linked to very encouraging and inspiring. 

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  1. Aww thanks for linking to my post. :) That photo is so sweet, I miss the country.