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In the Valley

I have this habit of writing down a short note about what I am thinking, and hope that I remember what all I was thinking when I find it months later. I never remember. I found one such note today. I don’t remember when/where/why I wrote it down. I know its been within the last 6 months, but I’m pretty sure that its been in the past 2 months because of what it says.

“There may be pain in the valley,

but look at the joy on the other side.”

That is all I wrote. No explanation. But this is one time that I can guess what I was thinking.

We might be in a valley right now, but sometimes God has to bring us through the hard times before giving us something. It might be really hard in the valley. You might have to go through more than you think you can bear.
God will give you all the strength you need.

If you don’t learn what you have to while you are in the hard times right now, then you might have to start back at the beginning and go through it all again. Make sure you do things right, and don’t try to run from the hard times.

Think about what is on the other side. On the other side of the time of trials is something wonderful. When we reach the prize on the other side there will be great joy and happiness. Think about that when you are having a hard day. Think about what is on the other side! Whatever is over there is definitely worth the waiting, the hardships, and even those days where you want to crawl in bed and sleep for a year. Its worth it, just be patient.

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