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Samuel// All I ever dreamed...

 I’ve dreamed of having a baby brother or sister for as long as I can remember.

 I do have younger siblings, but since we are so close in age, I cannot remember when they were babies. I envied my friends that had baby brothers or sisters. I thought it would be fun to have a baby too. 

 There were 3 times that I thought my dream would come true, but each time God decided to take my baby brothers and sisters to heaven. 

After the third time, I stopped dreaming of/ praying for a baby brother or sister.

 It wasn’t that I didn’t want one; I just thought that it wasn’t God’s will for us, and I decided to be content with that.

 That’s when we found out that mama was expecting, again! At first I didn’t let myself get excited. I thought it would be better that way in case God wanted to take this one too… But God gave this one to us! I cannot say how thankful/excited/happy/etc I am that I finally have a baby brother. 

 It is everything I dreamed of, and even better… He is so precious!


  1. Hi Hannah,

    Oh what a sweet baby brother!!! Congragulations!! I love babies/little ones, but my only sister is three years younger than me. But I satisfy my taste by helping in the church nursery and leading Cubbies at our church.

    I found your blog through Alison and I hope to visit more often! I used to be on homeschool blogger and then moved here, but I haven't found as many close blogger friends (although I'm not very good at keeping up with people! ;D).


  2. I am sorry, I didn't mean to comment signed in as that!

    Amber again...