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Give Thanks...

I am participating in Kellie's "Give Thanks" blog party...

1.      List three (little) things you wouldn't want to live without
my Bible, my phone, and my computer
2.      Name something you had to do without recently
3.      What are you most thankful for that you consider a luxury?
good music
4.      Name an item you use the most throughout your day
my brain
5.      What would life be like without the item listed in #4?
there wouldn’t be life
6.      Name something that you use in the kitchen that you are thankful for
an electric mixer
7.      What is (one of ) the best earthly gift(s) you ever received?
my baby brother
8.      Name a completly random thing you are thankful for
my faith ring
9.      How often do you think about the item listed in #8?
everytime I look at my hands…
10.  Name something you recently acquired, that you have wanted for a long time
a canon rebel
11.  Would you rather have #4, or #7?
um… if I didn’t have #4 I wouldn’t have #7
12.  Name one of your favorite things
my Bible
13.  Look around the room you are in, and name three things you enjoy in it
pistachios, my totally awesome family
14.  List three tools you use in your daily work that you are thankful for
my computer, pencils, my {pink} calculator
15.  Name something that you sometimes wish you didn't have in your life, but that you would miss dreadfully if it were taken away
trials, odd I know, but totally true.
16. Post a picture (or ten) of something you are thankful for

Go join in!



  1. I totally agree with you on the good music! In fact, I am listening to some at this very moment. :)

    And may I ask, what is a faith ring? I have a promise ring - is it the same thing?

    Have a great day!

  2. What a clever list...#7 reminded me of my favorite Christmas present, my baby sister. ;) I still remember our screams of disbelief...

    Thank you for stopping by my blog, and to answer your question, I did design my own blog...



  3. Lovely, Hannah! Thank you for sharing!


  4. I'm wondering about the faith ring myself. I have a ring that I got from my grandma at my baptism, so it reminds me of it every time I see it on my hand. Is it something like that?

  5. Alison and Hana,

    Actually my faith ring just says "Everything is possible when you have FAITH"... It is different from a promise/purity ring...