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For a couple years now, I have been into designing things. Wether it be redoing my blog, 
making cards, sewing, or editing pictures, I am in my element.

Our church youth group started recording our first cd, and one night I {randomly} asked my brother if anyone else was doing anything for the cover, and if not, could I?

He said I could, and got me the picture he wanted me to use, and I started experimenting. 

These are the two I have come up with so far...

This one is my favorite... I like how the words "stick out" but aren't over powering/taking away from the picture...

This one is my second favorite, but I think the font needs to be different, like maybe the same "affect" as the above.

So... Here is my first {big} adventure in designing... 

{P.S. While editing at church the other night, I discovered that my 12(?) year old friend knows more about photo-shop than I do... Oh well, thats what happens when your dad is a "photographer"}


  1. Those look really awesome! good job...I LOVE photo-shop...there's so many amazing things you can do on it. =]


  2. That is very cool. I like the effect on the words on the first one! It looks like you've been having fun. And also... I'd be interested in hearing samples from that CD when it comes out. :)

    Sure, e-mailing again would be fun. Or we could snail-mail, which ever you would prefer. We decided to do that once, didn't we? And then I never wrote. Sorry about that! If you still live at the same address you did about a year and a half ago (Muskrat), let me know and I'll send you a letter. Otherwise, do you still have my e-mail address?

    Have a great week!